Nasal strips are made of bendable bands that are placed right on the flare of your nostrils.Nasal bands improves sleep and treat nighttime congestion by lifting your nose as the bands struggle to go back to their original shape. As the strips raise the sides of our nose, it becomes easier to breathe. The product is effective in managing congestion caused by allergies, colds as well as other respiratory problems


Breathe Right Extra Tan Nasal Strips – 26 Count


Breathe Right nasal strips is more effective in opening the airway as compared to allergy de-congesting sprays. The nasal strips is effective in managing snoring and in some cases stop it completely. Breathe Right nasal strips has an extra band that is spring-like to enhance its ability in opening airway. As compared to the Breathe Right Original nasal strips, Breathe Right Extra Tan nasal strips is 50 percent effective in opening the airway. In case you have colds or allergies, you should try out Breathe Right nasal strips, whose reviews show it offers extra help to airways that for some reason cannot allow easy passage of air. You should ensure your nose is well cleaned and dried before use. The sticky adhesive should be placed in a way that they lift the sides of your nose

Nasal Strips (45 COUNT) by Breathe-Ability – Relieves and Opens Nasal Passages – Relief of Snoring

Nasal Strips by Breathe-Ability is a latex free and drug free product for treating deviated septum, allergy, cold and snoring symptoms. The product reviews show that the product is hand packed, increasing its consistency and quality. It comes in various sizes, catering for different nose sizes, but in case you are unsure of the right size, you should buy the small or medium sizes. You can safely wear the strips for 12 hours, whether sporting, sleeping or exercising. You should tryvarious positioningof the nose strips to ensure the best placement and fit. Adults with big noses should use the large size while children and middle aged users should go for the medium and small sizes.

150-Count Better Breath Nasal Strips Medium Anti-Snoring Snore Reducing Aids (55mm*16mm)

Your airflow will improve by 31% while using Breathe Better nasal strips. The spring-like flexible pieces in the product lifts up your congested airway resulting in improved breathing. Therefore Breathe Better nasal strips effectively manages snoring as well as other respiratory related symptoms like cold and allergies. No side effects are associated with Breathe Better nasal strips. However, it is advisable to begin with a small amount of the product, then increase the purchase after determining the effectiveness of the nasal strips in managing your unique respiratory problem.

Theravent – Nasal Strips That Actually Stop Snoring

This product is easy to use, after purchasing you just apply in your nose. Theravent – Nasal Strips minimizes snoring by at least 76%. There is a 30 days money back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your purchase. Theravent nasal strips are drug free, making them preferable to allergicusers