Snoring rings are quiet effective inmanaging snoring. In some cases, snoring rings alleviate snoring permanently. This method employs the Chinese medicine philosophy of acupressure where specific nerves targeted. The idea is to use a non-invasive natural way to stop snoring and improve the quality of your sleep. Although some doubt the effectiveness of these rings, clinical studies have found that when effectively used, snore rings actually alleviate snoring and improve the quality of your sleep


The Original Acusnore Anti Snore Ring- World’s First & Only Ring with Three Acupressure Activators
This anti-snore ring employs the Acupressure and Acupuncture technology from China. It can significantly minimize snoring and prevent it in some cases. The Original Acusnore Anti Snore Ring has three acupressure activators. Pressure is applied on specific area of your fingure and besidesstopping snoring, the ring works in harmony with biorhythms of your body, ensuring holistic wellness.Your airways are connected to the central nervous system, so putting pressure on specific nerves on your fingure alleviates snoring.
Trendy Source® Clean Stop Snoring Device Anti Snore Night Sleep Aid Therapeutic Acupressure for Sleep Better (Small)
This titanium made snore stop ring has a silver coating for quality enhancement. It employs the Chinese philosophy of acupuncture and acupressure in managing snoring. Since it’s a natural therapy, Trendy Source® Clean Stop Snoring Device can be used by everyone regardless of age. Besides, it is a perfect alternative for people that cannot use anti snoring oils, pillows, mouthpieces, chins, sprays and strips for whatever reasons
SnoreBand acupressure ring designed specifically to reduce and eliminate snoring. Universal size and is fully

adjustable to fit the wearer’s finger

SnoreBand has come up with a gadget worn on the finger to stop snoring. It targets two nerves where acupressure is applies as per Chinese medicine philosophy. The product is made of rubber material, making it comfortable and easy to use. Besides, the SnoreBand can fit you regardless of your fingure size. There’s a fitting guide accompanying the product to assist you in using it effectively. There’s a lock that ensures the band does not fall off during sleep. You should not wear the band any other time apart from when you sleep to enhance its effectiveness

Fire at Will Stop Snore Ring Medium to Large

Using acupressure philosophy, Fire at Will Stop Snore Ring alleviates snoring by connecting your airway to the central nervous system. You will breathe more deeply and easily while wearing the ring, a key factor in eliminating and reducing airway blockage. Besides, if you suffer from insomnia, you will benefit greatly from this ring since it ensures quality sleep

Good Night Sterling Silver Anti-Snoring Ring, Small

Health Enterprises invented this product to curb snoring by impacting pressure on your fingure. Employing the acupressure philosophy, the ring stimulates and opens the airways resulting in uneventful sleep throughout the night. Besides, this is a natural method of enhancing breathing, so anyone regardless of allergy issues can use the product. The ring should be worn on the little fingure and it comes in various sizes.