Top Anti Snoring and Mouth Guards Devices In 2017

Why do people snore? When you sleep, your throat’s muscles relax, the tongue falls, and the throat becomes narrow. Thus, the throat’s walls vibrate every time you breathe. The vibrations cause the sound that we call snoring.

Who snores? Snoring is a serious problem experienced by many people of all ages and genders. In fact, about 37 million adults in America alone regularly suffer from it. Snoring does not happen to anyone. You might experience it because you are gaining weight, aging, or just overly tired. Whatever the reason is, you must find a way to remedy it. That is if you don’t want to lose a valuable partner.

What happens when you snore? Though snoring is not something that could affect one’s health, it highly affects the sleep of your partner in bed. After all, who can sleep well when there’s a constant noise enough to keep you awake all day? Without a good night’s rest, your partner will not be able to function well during the day. In fact, it may even lead them to develop delayed sleep phase disorder.

What do you have to do? There are a lot of snoring aids available in the market. These devices will help those who are suffering from snoring remedy their problems. However, finding the right anti snoring devices can be a challenge. Choices range from mouthpieces to chin straps sprays to pillows, etc.

Factors to Consider Before Buying an Antisnoring Device

There are at least 9 different kinds of stop snoring devices. These  include the following:

  1. Anti-snoring sprays
  2. Anti snore pillows
  3. Anti-snoring chin straps
  4. Mandibular Advancement Devices
  5. Tongue Restraining Devices
  6. Nasal dilators
  7. Nasal strips
  8. Anti-snoring rings
  9. Anti-snoring machines
Detailed descriptions of each device will be given later in this article along with my snoring solution reviews. For now, you have to learn about the things you should look out for when choosing a snoring aid.

The reason you snore

Knowing the reason behind your snoring problem will guide you in choosing the best device to use when sleeping. If you have no idea why you’ve acquired the habit, then you can consult an expert. Once you have the idea, all you have to do is to review the different types of snoring aids and choose one that will cater to your needs. For instance, if you are snoring because you have a bad sleeping position, then using anti-snoring pillows is for you. If the reason is your erratic breathing pattern, then a nasal strip will do the trick.

The kind of snorer you are

Are you a mouth snorer or a nose snorer? If you haven’t noticed, you can ask your partner where you produce noise when you sleep. If you are a mouth snorer, then you might want to use a chin strap. However, if you are a nose snorer,  then nasal sprays and strips will help you just fine.

The severity of snoring

Snoring can be caused by severe tiredness. In which case, it’s temporary. However, if you experience the problem daily, then it’s probably more serious than you thought. Snoring as a symptom of sleep apnea can’t be solved simply by simple stop snoring devices. You need to ask a medical expert’s advice in order to remedy it.

The effectiveness of the device

You will find that devices from different brands will have different levels of effectiveness. Most of the times, the more expensive the product is, the more effective it is. But that is not always the case. The key to finding the best snoring aids for you is to review each product carefully before buying.

The durability of the device

Buying cheaper snoring aids might seem like the best choice. However, if it breaks easily, then you are just wasting money. Constantly buying replacements will cost you more than buying an expensive yet durable device. You should prioritize quality over price or balance both.

The level of comfort

Since you are going to wear the snoring aids when you sleep, you’d want to be comfortable while using it. Otherwise, your partner will be able to sleep well not because the device is effective, but because it’s so uncomfortable you’re not sleeping at all. There’s always one snoring aid that would fit you perfectly.

The cost of the device

Of course, you have to look for a device that is within your budget. You have to watch out for overpriced products. Compare prices from different online stores before you make the final purchase.

The medical history

If you have Temporomandibular joint or TMJ, then you must avoid straining your jaw. In which case, you can’t use anti-snoring chin straps. Other options can easily aid you.

The device’s compatibility with dentures

If you are wearing dentures such as braces, it’s best that you avoid using mouthpieces as it would clash with them. Instead, opt for those which you don’t need to put in your mouth. This way, you will avoid inflicting pain on yourself.

The material used in making the device

If you are allergic to a certain kind of material, then it’s best that you check what the snoring aid is made of first before you buy it. You don’t want to suffer from any allergic reaction.

The doctor’s advice

Lastly, you should never ignore the advice your doctor gives you. After all, he knows what’s good for you better than yourself. Ask for a recommendation from him and try it out. If his recommendation does not work out the first time, tell him the problem so that he can advise you the right move to make.

To help you find the best snoring aid, here are my snoring solution reviews of the top devices currently available in the market.

Anti-Snoring Sprays

Anti-snoring sprays allow you to apply the treatment and be done with it, so you don’t have to worry about anything while you are sleeping. These usually come in packages that last for about two months.

Pros: With an anti-snoring spray, you don’t need to make adjustments with your sleeping pattern or position. You can still sleep comfortably. Moreover, a lot of users say that once accustomed to the spray, you will be sleeping soundly for at least two consecutive nights. Thus, you only need to spray every other night.

Cons: It is effective for some people, but not to all. Also, you’ll have to wait for weeks before you can see any results. Sleep apnea can’t be cured with this.

The Best Anti-Snoring Spray REVIEWS

ProfesSnore Anti-Snoring Oray Spray ProfesSnore has a unique mix of essential oils that are found to safe and effective in reducing snoring. It's simple to use and does not alter your sleeping pattern.

To use it, you simply have to spray it to your throat. Make sure that you feel it on your back throat. Then, you can go to sleep.

You will not see the results immediately. You might have to wait about 2 weeks. However, if it takes more than that, then you might want to consider other devices.

Nytol Snoring Spray
Nytol Snore Spray has been proven to address the main cause snoring, which is the throat. It contains phosphatidylcholine which is often used its therapeutic properties. Since the spray has foam properties, it stays within the throat throughout the night.

The regular use of Nytol Snoring Spray can prevent the throat muscles from vibrating within weeks.

Snore Zip Snoring Aid
Snore Zip is another anti-snoring spray that can relieve you from snoring without the hassle of changing your sleeping position. This one comes with a minty taste, almost like a toothpaste and leaves behind a cool feeling in the throat.

Unlike the other two products, Snore Zip breaks down the mucus so that it will not block the airway and compromise your breathing.

However, Snore Zip will not work if you don't suffer from sinus complication of colds. In fact using it when unnecessary can have the opposite effect and lead to mucus buildup.

Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray
Rhynil Stop Snoring Spray is filled with natural herbs which make it safe to apply on the nose and the mouth. It also has astringent properties so you can use it when your snoring is caused by the vibrations created in the soft palate. Because of its anti-flammatory and anti-septic properties, it can also be used if you have sinus or allergic rhinitis.

Anti Snoring Pillows

Anti snore pillows give you a comfortable device that will not only help reduce or stop snoring but also remedy sleep Apnea. They are often used when the cause of snoring is your sleeping position.

Pros: Anti snore pillows are not invasive. In other words, you don’t need to wash it regularly. They are also greatly comfortable and will probably improve the quality of sleep you’re getting. These are also considered to be sleep apnea pillow.

Cons: These anti snoring pillows force you to sleep on your sides as that position will help facilitate easier breathing. However, if you are not comfortable in such position, you will not like using this device. Also, there are a lot of people claiming the pillows alone are not enough to alleviate snoring.

The Best Anti-Snoring Pillows REVIEWS


Vicofresh Memory Foam Snoring Pillow
This pillow is designed to support the side and the back of the sleeper. It’s made from hypoallergenic memory foam and has a neck bolster to give you that extra support. It also cradles the neck in the most comfortable way. Furthermore, it gives of green tea fragrant that keeps bad odors away.

Brokestone Anti Snore Pillow
Unlike most of anti-snoring pillows, the Brokeston Anti Snore Pillow allows you to sleep in the normal position. However, if you want to, you can also use it to sleep on your side. You can adjust it by adding or removing any of the support pads.
The effectiveness of this device is slightly lower than the one previously mentioned.

Snore No More Pillow
If you’re looking for a pillow that give compete support for side sleeping, then this device designed by the Science of Sleep is for you. It keeps you chin up, so that it won’t touch your chest. As a result, it keeps the airways open while you sleep. It also realigns you head so you will have a better sleeping position.

Quality-wise, the other anti-snoring pillows are better, but considering its price Snore No More Pillow is good.

 Anti-Snoring Chin Straps

Snoring chin strap is one of the older types of anti snoring devices. It is simple to wear—they go under your chin and around the back of your head. It also keeps your mouth closed so that it won’t dry out.

Pros: Chin strap for snoring is usually made of a stretchable material so they don’t irritate the skin. It comes cheaply, too. The comfort level of each strap depends on the materials used, so others might be more comfortable to use that the rest. You can also use chin strap for sleep apnea.

Cons: If the reason for snoring chin strap is not a dry mouth, then this device won’t be much help to you especially if your nose is currently blocked. Also, it can be a little uncomfortable to sleep with something strapped around your chin. The slippage of the snoring chin strap can make you a restless sleeper.

The Best Anti-Snoring Chin Straps REVIEWS


SleepWell Pro Stop Snoring Chin Strap
This snoring chin strap is made out of a non-itchy material, so the person wearing it will feel comfortable. It supports the jaw and the head without any constriction. You can also adjust it, so it can be used by people with different head sizes. With this, you’ll noticeably be able to sleep better.

My Snoring Solution Anti Snoring Jaw Strap Supporter
This authentic chin strap for snoring is designed to help align your jaw properly and stop your snoring quickly. It has been ranked as one of the top anti-snoring devices for almost 3 years. It may be uncomfortable to wear during the first few days, but you’ll get used to it. It’s highly effective though.

SnoreProx Anti Snore Chin Strap
SnoreProx Anti Snore Chin Strap aims to immediately stop the snoring by holding your jaw in place. Since the mouth is closed and the jaw locked, the tongue and throat can’t block the airway. This chin strap for snoring is also known to be comfortable, adjustable, and easy-to-use.

Note: Other notable anti-snoring chin straps include Avlon, Neoprene, and Happy Sleep.

Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs)

Mandibular Advancement Devices (MADs) are usually the first choice of snorers and so far, it’s the most in-demand device in the market. Some people call them the mouthbreather or sleep apnea mouthpiece. Snoring mouth guard works by moving your lower jaw towards the front and keeping it in that position while you sleep. Thus, the airway at the back of your throat stays open and the snoring caused by mouth breathing is reduced.

Dentists, doctors, and developers are continually improving current MADs so that consumers can avail the latest and best version of the device.

Pros: In one study, it has been found that anti snoring mouthpiece can be tolerated by about 65% of snorers. They work effectively in preventing snoring and even cure sleep apnea, thus the name sleep apnea mouth guard. Since most snoring devices in the market are approved by the FDA, you can assure that these are safe to use.

Cons: During the first few days of using MADs, you might find mouthguard for snoring highly uncomfortable. You’ll wake up with jaws that are sore and tired. Also, fitting for MADs takes time. Sometimes, you might even be required to go back to the dentist more than twice. Lastly, you can’t use retainers or braces while using these.

The Best Mandibular Advancement Devices REVIEWS


Zquiet Anti Snoring Mouthpiece
The Zquiet Anti Snoring Mouthpiece comes with a hinge design which makes it different from other MADs. The hinge gives users the chance to naturally move their mouth and jaw. So not only will it prevent you from snoring, it will also give you a good night’s sleep. Zquiet reviews say that this design was made and evaluated by several dentists before its release; thus, the rate of oral accidents is little to none. Another Zquiet review declares that it’s one of the best mouthguard for snoring in the market.
It’s made from thermoplastic material and is latex free so there will be no irritation in the mouth and it’s durable enough to last for years. It’s also very easy to clean. Lastly, since it’s springy, it will not easily fall out from your mouth.

Pure Sleep Mouthpiece
Pure Sleep reviews say that this holds the jaw forward so the airway opens and the vibrations which we call snoring are reduced or eliminated. It is a model which can be molded by the user themselves. In other words, you don’t need to go to the dentist. However, you have to be very careful when adjusting this stop snoring mouthpiece as once you set it, it will be its permanent position. If make a mistake, you can no longer reset it. Still, once you get it right, it can give you 100% comfort.
The durability of the device is high and it has fairly gained recognition among snorers. Cleaning the device might be a little difficult though.

SnoreX Snoring Mouthpiece
SnoreX Snoring Mouthpiece can mold itself to fit each person’s mouth dimensions so that the level of comfort it gives is almost unmatched. It can do so because of its Thermal-fit feature and 1mm increments adjustments. It uses the mandibular repositioning process which adjusts your lower jaw, clears the air passageway, and allows for proper breathing. Moreover, it has patented the V-air-flow system which gives a smooth airflow while you are breathing.

Zyppah Anti Snoring Mouthpiece
Zyppah is one of the best anti-snoring mouthpieces in the market. All Zyppah reviews have little to no criticism about this mouthpiece. It combines jaw positioning and tongue retraining technology, so results are ensured. Zyppah reviews with regards its design is also good. It fits in the mouth comfortably so people have no problem sleeping while using it. You can also consider Zyppah amazon as a mouth guard for sleep apnea.

Vital Sleep
Vitalsleep has a flexible frame so it’s highly comfortable. It’s also made from latex-free material so those who have allergies will have no trouble using it. Its micro-adjustable mechanism allows you to make adjustments to fit it in your mouth better. Lastly, this mouthpiece for snoring has non-intrusive stabilizer for your tongue to control the airflow and allow you to create a normal breathing pattern.

SnoreMeds is considered to be one of the first mouthpiece for snoring in the market. It has been proven safe and effective. Moreover, it’s cheaper compared to other devices. You can purchase in women size or men size. Whichever you choose, you’ll get one made of a thermoplastic. This can also be used as a mouthpiece for sleep apnea.

Note: Other anti snoring mouthpieces include Sleep Right Dental Guard and Snore RX.

Tongue Restraining Devices

When you sleep, your muscles, including the tongue, will assume a relaxed state. Sometimes, the tongue will draw back and block the airway.

Tongue Restraining Devices hold the tongue to prevent it from falling backwards and obstruct the airway. When your tongue attempts to fall back, it will use its suction mechanism and pull the tongue forwards and hold its tip.

Pros: This device works well for most people. Since it addresses the usual root cause of snoring, the tongue, it can be considered as one of the most effective devices in the market.  It’s also proven to be effective in curing sleep apnea.

Cons: It is perhaps the most uncomfortable device you can use. Fitting it will also require time.

The Best Tongue Restraining Devices REVIEWS


Good Morning Snore Solution
Good Morning is a brand that solely focuses on producing tongue restraining devices. Thus, it’s not shocking that they are one of the top brands for the device.
This tongue retainer is comfortable and safe to use. It does not cause any pain or jaw ache. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about swallowing the mouthpiece as it has a safety flap. You can easily clean it using water.

Aveo Tongue Stabilizing Device
The Aveo Tongue Stabilizing Device is used to treat sleep disorder breathing, e.i. snoring. It’s a simple medical device that’s highly recommended by dentists and doctors alike. It keeps the airway open when you are sleeping by positioning your tongue forward. With 92% efficacy, it’s one of the favorites among snorers.

Nose Breath Tongue Positioner
Nose Breath Tongue Positioner is considered to be a revolutionary device to prevent snoring. It holds the tongue just right at the roof your mouth so that it does not fall back into your throat. Design-wise, it’s better than most other tongue restraining devices. It’s easy to clean, too.

Nasal Dilators

Nasal dilators are rubber-like plugs that you insert into your nose. They are used to create an opening or pathway in the nose so that the air will flow naturally. In other words, it prevents blockage that usually results to snoring or sleep Apnea. They are also alternative preventive device for those who are prone to have seasonal allergies.

Pros: These devices are compact so you can easily bring them anywhere. Thus, it’s perfect for travelers. They are also very easy to clean. Once done, you can just put them on their case and keep them in your bedroom table or put them in your bag. If you clean them regularly, you can use them for months.

Cons: Nasal dilators are unfortunately very invasive. People often complain that they are too uncomfortable to wear that they can’t even sleep. Like other products, it will take time to get used to this device.

The Best Nose Dilators REVIEWS


Snore Pin
Snore Pin is constructed using anti-allergic polyurethane. Its free from latex so it does not accumulate dust, whether you’re wearing it or not. A clip connects the two dilators together. The dilators themselves have slits which allows them to lightly expand when used and let nasal hair pass through while filtering the air.
On the other hand, its material is hard which makes it highly uncomfortable to use.

Nasivent Tube Plus
Nasivent Tube Plus is made from pure silicon that’s tested and proven safe. It’s soft and much more comfortable to wear. It can be used by people who are sensitive. Since Nasivent Tube Plus comes in different sizes, you can choose which one fits you best.

Breathing Relief Nasal Dilator
Breathing Relief Nasal Dilator offers the same benefits as other nose dilators. However, what makes it stand out is that it can stay in place even if you are moving a lot. That’s why a lot of athletes prefer to use this. It’s also good for people who have deviated septum.

Nasal Strips

Nasal strips or nose strips are adhesive strips that you can put over your nose to open your nostrils while you sleep. Once you put it on your nose, the strip uncurls and raises a part of your nose, thus letting the air surge out. Since more air can pass through the nose, breathing becomes easier and more regular.

Nasal strips are also good for those suffering from nasal congestion and sleep Apnea.

Pros: Nasal strips are readily available in pharmacies. They are cheap, comfortable, and has no side effects. They’re known to give immediate relief, too.

Cons: The success rate of nasal strips in eliminating snoring is only about 70%. It does not work for all people. Also, this does not work on non-nasal snoring.

The Best Nose Strips REVIEWS


Breathe Right Nasal Strip
Breathe Right Nasal Strip can relieve you from nasal congestion. It can even cure mild sleep apnea. Since it’s free from any harmful chemicals, it’s entirely safe to use. This strip is easy to use and is gentle on the skin. It comes in different sizes.
On the other hand, its size and shape make one feel uncomfortable. It also causes a little pain when removing it from the nose. Lastly, it does not stick well on people with oily skin.

Theravent Nasal Strips
Theravent Nasal Strips fits over the nose comfortably. Since it uses micro valve technology, it can create an expiratory positive airway pressure to fight throat vibration. You can avail this in light, moderate, and heavy strengths. This nose strip is said to reduce or eliminate snoring immediately. Because its light material, it’s easy to sleep with a Theravent Nasal Strip.

WoodyKnows Invisible Nasal Strips
WoodyKnows Invisible Nasal Strips works well in easing one’s breathing and eliminating snoring. It’s gentle and soft, so it’s highly comfortable. It’s designed in the shape of nostrils to make the fit perfect. You can use this strip for a long time.

Snoring Rings

Anti snoring rings are the least known solution on how to stop snoring. However, it’s also one of the oldest. In fact, it dates back to 4000 years ago. Inspired by home remedies for snoring from ancient China called Tuina, these snoring solutions applies acupressure reflexology, the practice of applying pressure on the hands or the feet in order to provide relief.

Pros: Since the ring is worn on the hand, anti-snoring rings are highly comfortable to wear. You only have to wear it for about an hour before you go to bed to achieve the maximum result. It’s also said to have 85% success rate.

Cons: Wearing anti-snoring rings for more than 12 hours can lead to adverse results.

The Best Anti-Snoring Rings REVIEWS


ANTISNOR Acupressure Ring
ANTISNOR Acupressure Ring is a combination of ancient and modern technology. It is designed by a jeweller and has 2 acupressure stimulators to press on the nerve points found on the little finger, which is said to help free the airway for better breathing.

Silent Knight Ring
Silent Knight Ring can be worn on the little finger to stop snoring. It is made from solid sterling silver and has about 60% efficiency.

SnoreBand Acupressure Ring
SnoreBand Acupressure Ring has 2 small acupressure points which are positioned on the edge of the little finger. You can wear one or two on one hand or both. It is made from high-quality rubber to ensure maximum comfort. It can also be adjusted to fit any finger.

Note: Other anti snoring devices/solutions that does not directly target the root cause of snoring include Nora Snoring Solution and Essential Oils for snoring.

Anti-Snoring Machines

Anti-snoring machines can address problems caused by serious cases of snoring, i.e. sleep apnea. If you have tried all snoring devices and still find that they can’t help you, then you might want to consider using this one. These anti snoring machines are considered to be the last resort of snorers.

Pros: Anti snoring devices are perhaps one of most effective sleep apnea solutions among all devices. Using these, you’re sure to stop snoring and get a good night’s sleep.

Cons: You can’t buy an anti-snoring machine without a letter from your doctor. Also, this machine often covers about half of you face, so it can be quite uncomfortable for the first few tries. Lastly, these machines can be expensive.

The Best Anti-Snoring Machines REVIEWS


Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP)
The best CPAP machine delivers pressurized air to the throat so it won’t collapse. Thus, you can breathe and be free from snoring. The amount of pressure used shall be determined by your doctor. You can’t estimate it yourself as too much pressure can harm you.
This machine comes with a mask, humidifier, altitude adjuster, mask on and off alert, heated tubing, apnea monitor and a ramp. Some CPAP are too big to carry around, but there are mini versions which you can take with you when you travel. Read CPAp machine reviews for more information.

Bilevel Positive Airway Pressure (BiPAP)
Unlike CPAP, you can set BiPAP to different pressures. It can also be set to match your breath timing. It measures the amount of breaths you take every minute. Once you exceed the set limit in between taking breaths, the machine will then force you to breathe by applying increased pressure.
BiPAP is used by patients with sleep apnea that are used to high pressure settings. It can also be used to help people with cardiopulmonary disorder.

Other Useful Devices

If by any chance all of the devices above are proven ineffective (which should not be the case) or if they all are incompatible with you (which is rare), you can always look for the best earplugs for sleeping for your partner. The best earplugs for sleeping can be found online. This includes Hearos Ultimate Softness, Howard Leight Max 1, Ohropax wax earplugs, and Moldex 6800 Pura Fit. If you are looking for the best ear plugs for sleep, be sure to read the reviews first. Alternatives for these sleeping ear plugs include ear muffs for sleeping and noise cancelling headphones for sleeping.

You might also want to consider the kind of bed you sleep in. Roll away beds, fold up beds, inflatable beds, cheap bunk beds, and full size bunk beds, or those with bunk bed stair– whichever you choose, make sure that you can comfortably position yourself.

Lastly, you might want to consider the ventilation of the room. To improve the temperature in your bedroom, you can select the best fans including hampton bay ceiling fans, tropical ceiling fans, hunter ceiling fans, and harbor breeze fans. The harbor breeze ceiling fan, in particular, is highly in-demand. It usually comes with a harbor breeze light kit and harbor breeze fan remote. Both the harbor breeze ceiling fan remote and harbor breeze ceiling fan light kit can be purchased on the harbor breeze fans official website.

Final Thoughts

Snoring shouldn’t be taken lightly. When you start to notice that you are suffering from it, it’s best to consult a physician and ask for advice. Try out an anti-snoring device that could address your problem. When it does not work out the first time, don’t immediately assume that the device is not compatible with you. Use it for at least 2 weeks before you make the final decision. If the doctor says that you have sleep apnea, it’s best that you directly ask permission to buy an anti-snoring machine.

Don’t be embarrassed if you snore. It’s something that a lot of people have. Sometimes, the cause of your snoring is not under your control. All you can do is to try and Sit. Try to pick one from my snoring solution; it might help you a lot.